Hiking Tours in Chienes - Our Tipps

Paths to trace antique Romans

During the roman era the Pusteria Valley was called Noricum and was a part of the Celtic Kingdom.In the 15th century it became a roman colony. This path will lead you to the best preserved Milestone of the Noricum!

Starting point:   Pichlerhof Kiens
Duration:   1.5 Hours
Difficulty:   None, absolutely no diffrence of level, well-marked
Our Tip:   Very interesting botanic excursion for the plants lovers
Excursion description:   From the center of Chienes cross over the main street and the bridge over the river Rienz.
After the bridge and the railway underpass turn left and follow the path nr. 5 blue-white marked. After 300 m take another path towards south and remain on it till you meet first houses in Ehrenburg. From there follow the asphalted road for 100 m up to the road marking for Römerweg Street. Now go further in direction west, following the blue-white sign for the path nr. 5 till you meet another path nr.7 signed by with red-white sign and with indications for Milestone.


Moarhof Alpin Hut - Grünbacher Lake - Putzenhöhe Peak

Far away alpin huts, sunny plateaux, a quiet alpin lake and an unforgettable panorama...

How to start:   By car from Kiens to Hofern - Oberhofern - Gelenke ont he asphalted road up to the parking place
Stargin point:   Gelenke (1.610 m), always follow the sign for the path 65 Moarhof Hut (1.833 m); following the same sign up to the Unteren- (1.943m) and Oberen Grünbach-Hut (2.114m) and further up to the Grünbach-Lake(2.258m).
Duration:   5 - 6 Hours
Difficulty:   For the mountain experts and lovers absolutely no problem. .
Our Tip:   Interessting tour for a various alpin flora and fauna too.
Excursion description:  

The starting point for this excursion is the parking place at the Gelenke ( = Passage) over the Katzentales (Hofern) with its mountain farms along the sides of the mountain.
The trail brings you right on the old alpin-huts-road in middle of the woods. 5 minutes later you will pass near some mangers (during the winter the deers are fed), go further for 15 minutes on the trail full of stones until you reach the wide forest trail.
At the fork there is a bank - you can take a breath and admire the panorama of the Dolomites peaks of the High Pusteria Valley and in the direction of Cortina d'Ampezzo; keep the road further straight: along the road you will see a wood trough and from one of its canes comes the fresh alpin spring water out. After an hour long walk you will arrive to the Moarhof Hut (opening: half June - end of September). You can continue up to the alpin path, cross over the foaming alpin torrent coming down from the Grünbacher (Green-torent) Lake and pass through the gate where mountain path, narrow and steep, begins ploughing along the mountain pastures full of cows in the summer, meandering up to the lake on the top.



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